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Want your systems to talk to each other? Look for software that have open API’s

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

What is an API (Application Programming Interface)

An API is a way for data to be transferred between software or applications.

How can that benefit your business?

Improved process automation

API integration allows for connecting multiple systems into one single, seamless, end-to-end workflow to allow for fast task execution through automation. By being able to encompass multiple systems and applications, business processes can be automated which highly increases accuracy and efficiency resulting in higher margins.

As a user experience

You might currently use multiple software systems and being able to unify them and create one system makes it possible to gain maximum efficiency & increase margins for the business. Users will put data in once and it will be linked to other software removing human error and downtime.

Reduced human error

It can be impossible or extremely difficult to find a single software solution capable of undertaking all of the tasks that the business requires. In order for the business to function, employees must bring together a range of different tools, software solutions and data. If there is no API management included in the process it can be extremely difficult to transfer this data across different systems and has been traditionally relied on copying and pasting in or re-entering the same information to multiple silos, which is prone to human error and takes up resource. The right integration can connect these software systems or applications directly, for improved accuracy and mitigation of risk in human error.

Unlocking data silos

Having data in silos means that the information is not speaking to each other and as a result requires a manual element to leverage that data and how you present it. Having software that has API integration unlocks those data silos allowing you to cross-pollinate your data.

Ability to future-proof enterprise integration

As technology moves forward and we enter and move through the age of the Internet of Things. The right API integration is imperative to allow connectivity of all systems and data. From old to new systems, software with good API platforms is required to grow and adapt with the changes that we see in the technology world. It will help bridge the gap between the old, the present and the future.

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