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About Frame Solutions

We are a team of construction professionals and software engineers that came together to create solutions for the built environment.


While working for a vast span of companies as consultants, we discovered that there were a variety of issues related to project management and decided it was time for a change. 


That was when Frame Solutions was born to bring you a platform that makes your life easier when it comes to managing your portfolio of projects.

Our Mission Statement

To empower consultancies to excel against their competition by making them smarter and faster.

Our Directors



Meet the directors behind the magic of ESTA.

Daniel Milligan Frame Solutions Director

  Daniel Milligan MRICS


Sonia Machesney Frame Solutions Director

Sonia Machesney


What We Do

Here at Frame Solutions, we believe in change and challenging the status quo. We seek to change how construction projects are usually managed and turn the process into something faster, more straightforward and more reliable. In short, we are here to make construction project management better. 

Our overall aim is to have software to help construction professionals to manage their workload as efficiently as possible. We want to make it easier to manage more projects all in one place with the protection of a safety net thanks to smart technology. 

How We Do It

Frame Solutions prides itself on creating new, cutting-edge technology and providing software that seamlessly integrates with your business. 

We were set up for consultants by consultants, which gives us an edge as we understand your needs and requirements more than anyone. We are the only software company that has in-depth knowledge of the construction industry to create the ideal management platform that solely accommodates consultancies in the industry.

To assist the progression of our management software, we work alongside our clients as a partnership to continue improving our platform to meet any needs. As technology accelerates, we also join us on the journey.

Who Uses Our Solutions

ESTA was developed by the best of the best for the construction industry. Using Excel spreadsheets is a thing of the past, and when you have modern-day technology, why would you waste your time manually inputting information? 


The modernisation of technology allows us to provide a platform where data is dynamically inputted into one place, providing ease for you and your business.

Request A Demo

Get in touch today, and a Frame Solutions expert will contact you shortly to schedule a customised demo for you and your business needs.

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