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Free Resources 


Free Project Portfolio Dashboard 

Down our enhanced visual Excel dashboard, which offers a holistic view of multiple ongoing projects in one glance. As you input new data, observe the graphs dynamically updating to provide a seamless and intuitive data analysis experience.


This all-encompassing tool not only highlights adaptive project delivery timelines but also offers insights into project financials while systematically ranking outstanding risks and actions, thereby empowering you to manage and strategise with efficiency and foresight.


Free Cost Report 

This cost report is specifically designed for Quantity Surveyors, facilitating meticulous tracking of costs, including Instructions, PSum's, Loss and Expense, among other elements. It employs a sophisticated mechanism to compute the sum based on your input, offering an organised Excel for precise cost management. The report will give you a forecast final account that you can report to your clients.

Risks on construction sites

Free Risk register

This risk register allows to you track important details such as risk ownership and review dates, as well as a ranking system based on probability and severity of occurrence. On top of this, it will allow you to build risk allowances and create contingencies off the back of it.

Free Action Tracker

Free Action Tracker 

Download the free Excel Action Tracker that you can use to track tasks in your project. This offers a practical solution for organising pending tasks, scheduling due dates, and tracking action status.

Free MS Project Gantt chart

Free Basic RIBA Staged Programme 

Download the free Programme that works with MS Project, this has 23 line items with RIBA stages 0-6. It has a standard work breakdown structure compatible with most projects from establishing the brief to practical completion. 

Free Auto CAD blocks

Free Auto CAD Blocks

Download the free AUTO CAD blocks and templates ranging from sections, roofing details, office furniture, trees, bathroom and kitchen furniture and much much more. 

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