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Project Management Software For Surveyors

Chartered Surveyors perform a crucial part of the process when building and renovating infrastructure safely. ESTA, a project management software for surveyors, provides the perfect solution to keeping teams organised and streamlined.

What Does Our Project Management Software For Surveyors Aim To Do?

ESTA aims to help surveyors to save time, create higher profits and make fewer mistakes in their work. Chartered surveyors have little to no margin for error due to the nature of their responsibilities, and our project management software for surveyors aids users in making 40% fewer mistakes. These benefits all come without the need to increase headcount, as team members spend less time on administrative tasks, therefore using their time more efficiently on projects. 

How Does Our Project Management Software Help Chartered Surveyors?

Each surveyor is unique. The varied nature of the profession requires a standardised procedure in order to offer efficient service. Putting in place a set of repeatable processes ensures each project is of equal quality and gives employees a structure to follow. ESTA helps achieve this by integrating your data and offering full control of every project by using smart technology.

Project Level:

Smart technology identifies each level of a chartered surveyor’s project after data input. In order to maximise your earning potential, our software links all the inputted data and stores it in one centralised place for project contributors to view. 


Surveyors are required to operate to strict timeframes;  ESTA’s 11 tools that are all interconnected, send push notifications & leverage data automatically will increase efficiency and earning potential, alongside maintaining an excellent reputation for your business.

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Portfolio Level:

Our project management software for surveyors offers full visibility across your entire organisation. This also allows surveyors to report to clients without wasting employees' time as all data is available via dashboard viewing. ESTA’s simplistic mechanisms also ensure all data can be accessed within three clicks.

Collaboration Tools:

ESTA has a common data environment for users to collaborate on projects. This streamlines surveyors' processes as it allows all project contributors to sign off changes in one place, reducing the need for slower communication to occur. As our project management software for chartered surveyors has unlimited cloud-based storage, there will be no lost documents or data, reducing stress when working on multiple projects. 

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Try Out The Perfect Project Management Software For Chartered Surveyors Today!

When chartered surveyors begin using ESTA, companies have the potential to create 38% more profit margin and 62% of users stated they saved 4+ hours of billable time every week. Challenge the status quo and work faster, easier and more reliably with our project management software for surveyors. Once using ESTA, your clientele will be amazed at the efficiency of your services.

ESTA Contract Administration Software

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