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ESTA Project Management Software

Designed to make life easy for Construction Professionals, Contract Administrators, Surveyors, and Architects.


Save time and generate higher profits by making fewer mistakes while you work.

Construction Professionals & Project Managers

Create an effective environment to mitigate risks and manage projects through building contracts.


Focus on bringing together and managing multiple architectural projects on one platform.

ESTA for Surveyors

Chartered Surveyors offer specialist advice on a variety of construction-related issues and run teams to deliver projects on time and on budget.

With that responsibility comes a lot of data and pressure to ensure that there are no errors along the way. 

That’s where ESTA project management comes in. This project management interface provides chartered surveyors with all the tools they need in one place. The ease of use ensures that the project/ contract administrative tasks are handled without a hiccup – which increases efficiency and, as a result, profits. 

Consultancies collaborating

ESTA provides surveyors with


1. A single point of responsibility: Save time by putting all your projects on one platform. No multiple links, no ambiguity, no hiccups, and a reduced chance of errors.

2. Clear accountability amongst your team: ESTA ensures that there is no ambiguity when it comes to the roles and responsibilities of your team members. Every role is backed by data – ensuring that your work happens effortlessly. 

3. A master schedule: Be mindful of every project stage by monitoring its schedule using a simple interface. 

4. Smart technology: ESTA's smart technology can help you maximize your earning potential by providing a centralised place for all project contributors to view and analyse the data. 

5. Collaboration tools: With a common data environment, you'll have an easier time collaborating using the project. Eradicate bottlenecks and streamline your process with cloud storage that houses multiple projects and multiple collaborators. 

ESTA for Construction Professionals & Project Managers

To succeed in bringing construction projects to life from the ground up, construction professionals and project managers must have the right management system backing them up. Staying within the time frame and ensuring that proper financial allowance is provided are key requirements, and our project management software makes this possible. 

ESTA is a construction project management software that takes a more streamlined approach to project control & contract administration. It allows you to manage your work at project, portfolio, and collaboration levels. 

Architects, Surveyors & Consultants

ESTA provides construction professionals with


1. Smart technology: Break down your project into key aspects and distribute them evenly – removing redundancy and increasing efficiency. 


2. A single interface: Connect all your data from contract instructions to action items and store it in the cloud – allowing your team to view the data and collaborate with ease.


3. Project timeline management: Get live progress reports to keep up with deadlines. See all of your projects in one view. 


4. Instant reporting for your clients: Without hours spent compiling the information, all your data is colated in a single interface, ready to share with your clients.

ESTA for Architects

As Architects, attention to detail is vital. There is no room for error, even in the most complex of projects. That’s why a project management system is so essential.

With the right project management software, architects can manage their tasks properly, keep track of the progress of their projects and oversee the work of their team members without losing time that could be better spent elsewhere.

all-in-one construction softeware

With ESTA, Architects can:

1. Check the progress of their projects instantly.

2. Ensure that their projects are completed within a strict timeframe and budget.

3. Report to their clients instantly without having to spend hours compiling their data.

4. Communicate & collaborate with their team members effectively via a single interface.


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