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Project Contract Management Software

As someone who works in construction contract management, your daily routine is often hectic, encompassing a range of tasks such as collaborating with internal and external stakeholders.

With multiple ongoing projects and input from numerous stakeholders, it can be challenging to manage your workload effectively. This is where a project management tool such as ESTA comes in to streamline your professional life.

At Frame Solutions, our goal is to offer construction professionals, surveyors and architects a comprehensive project management software that enables them to work with greater precision and efficiency, even as they manage multiple projects.

Streamline Contract Management 

ESTAs is a cutting-edge project management solution designed to help construction contract managers gain complete control over every aspect of their projects and portfolios. With ESTA, you can efficiently manage all facets of the process with ease, ensuring that your projects are executed with the utmost precision and collaboration.

Project Features:

With ESTA, we leverage smart technology to streamline the key elements of your construction project. With our system, you only need to input data once, as it is then efficiently distributed, freeing up time to focus on higher-value tasks such as fee-earning activities.

Our unified construction contract management platform integrates all data into one centralised cloud contract management repository, accessible to selected collaborators.


Managing a construction project can be a complex and chaotic process, with numerous tasks, deadlines, and risks to keep track of. ESTA's intelligent tools simplify project management, allowing you to program jobs, set reminders for critical dates, and automate actions from meetings.


Combined with our contract administration and reporting tools, get notified on key contractual dates, link contract information together easily and automate reports that lead to increased productivity and improved client satisfaction.

Portfolio Features:

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With ESTA, you can provide updates to clients immediately and effortlessly, as all your data is seamlessly integrated and updated in real-time. The dashboard view grants managers a comprehensive overview of budget control, project locations, and more. The software simplifies the management of your supply chain, allowing you to assess the personnel assigned to all projects swiftly.

Our cloud contract management solution provides quick access to all your information with just three clicks. This, along with the robust portfolio of features, streamlines your workflow, freeing up valuable time for more critical tasks and elevating your business's reputation with clients who appreciate your efficiency and digital capabilities.

Collaboration Tools:

With ESTA, you can foster seamless collaboration within your team through its common data environment. Our cloud contract management software ensures that all documents are securely stored and readily accessible to every team member.


The change control log makes it easy to monitor and track edits and modifications, allowing designated stakeholders to contribute and approve changes. Our software also provides a secure document vault and ample cloud-based storage, eliminating the need to waste time on administrative tasks and allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters.

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Build A Business With A Reputation For Efficiency!

ESTA's comprehensive features give companies the potential to create higher profit margins and a more reliable reputation amongst clientele. Work smarter, safer and faster within your construction projects with ESTA. Slow communication and disjointed work will be a distant memory when using ESTA.


Request a demo today and experience the benefits of a powerful construction contract management software solution. Contact us to learn more about how Frame Solutions can help you manage your construction contracts more effectively.

ESTA Contract Administration Software

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