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General Questions


Is this construction project management software right for me?

When choosing construction project management software, you must identify your business needs. All of the stakeholders should benefit from simplified communication and improved workflow. Well-designed project management/ contract admin software will keep your data organised from start to finish and sync it intuitively with each workflow. When everything is optimised, the collaboration between stakeholders becomes easier and the visibility within the company is better. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

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Is construction project management software necessary?

The right software should have features that make construction project management more straightforward, efficient, and consistent. Increasing productivity for team management, job scheduling, accounting, document management, cost value reconciliation (CVR), reporting, and much more is often necessary.

What are the key benefits of construction project management software?

  • Time management

  • Improved communication 

  • Real-time access to data

  • A USP for the company of having a digital offering

  • Improved workflows 

  • Better agility 

  • Ability to take on more projects


Is it worth the investment?

Definitely, many businesses use this software to improve their processes and workflow and reduce costs. Companies that leverage project management software are more agile, organised and can communicate more efficiently. Still unsure? Contact us to request a free demo today, and see for yourself.


Switching to ESTA


Will the learning process disrupt our workflow?

The software has a highly flat structure. It’s designed to have little to no learning curve. The features in the software are designed to make it look and feel like the documents you are currently using, so it’s never confusing for you and your stakeholders.


​Can I choose which data is going to be in the system?

Yes, we allow you to save/export information that the system produces wherever you want. You can save it via word, PDF, Excel and any other format to your network servers, cloud or wherever you need it.


Can I choose who is added to the system?

Yes, you have full control over who has access to your data and how much they can see. You can also add contributors for free, and they don’t need a license, just invite them on. 


Can I choose to pay monthly?

Yes, we run a rolling contract, so there is total flexibility for you with no tie-ins.

Our company branding is very important, can I keep it?

We understand you want this system and the documents it produces to be in line with your branding, so everything is customizable to make it yours. Whether it is logos, font colours, footers and much more.

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