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Project Features

Project Management Software Features 

ESTA breaks your projects down into key features and applies smart technology. Input data once and let it be disseminated throughout the software, reducing mistakes and the need for replication.

Have full control over every single one of your projects from alerts and live data dashboard views with the ability to instantly drill in deeper to get the information your require easily.

Everything is fully exportable to your branding.

Esta Software
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Automated Reports

Have a centralised view of all projects in one place. ESTA's dashboards & automated reports link all your project data and contract certificates together automatically. What took hours to make a cost, progress reports now takes minutes. 

Notifications Across All Projects

Having a huge amount of actions, dates, risks to manage across all your projects can be difficult. ESTA gives you a layer of protection so you never miss anything.

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Cartoon person pointing at a contract certificate log

Contract Certificates Log

Managing project contract certificates and notices? Experience our customisable certificates that are compatible with a broad range of building contracts. Our system allows you to create, link, and update everything in real time, directly feeding into your reports.

Intelligent GANTT Charts

Programme your jobs, compare programmes, set notifications of key dates, create progress charts in one click. ESTA's gantt chart has it all. 

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Cartoon person standing next to rocks showing risk

Risk-Reduction Tools 

Manage, mitigate, and lower your project risks effectively using ESTA's dedicated risk management tool.

Action/Meeting Minutes Tracker

Experience interactive meeting minutes with our feature that automates action tracking, informing you who is responsible for what and their respective deadlines.

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Cartoon person pointing at a Budget tracker

Budget Tracking 

Track project costs outside the contracts as well using ESTA's budget tracking tool, giving you the whole picture. 

Portfolio Features

Portfolio Features 

All project data is fed in at a portfolio level allowing you full visibility across your entire organisation.

No data has to be put in retrospectively. We amalgamate all information in real time to allow you see exactly what's going on.

Report to clients instantly without having to waste personnel resource retrospectively compiling information. 

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Three cartoon people standing next to Portfolio dashboard

Dashboard Views

Full dashboard views of portfolio spend, budget control, programme, location, client and more. Filter exactly what you need to get the bespoke information you require.

Supply Chain Management 

See who you have appointed across all of your projects. How many projects they are on, their financial standing, insurances etc. ESTA builds this information organically. 

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Easy search

Find anything in 3 clicks

Gone are the days of going through subfolder after subfolder, churning through documents to find what you need. In ESTA you can find absolutely anything in 3 clicks.

Collaboration tools

Collaboration tools 

Use ESTA's common data environment to collaborate with project members, whether its project changes or sharing documentation making the process frictionless.

Furthermore, if you just want to collaborate that's fine. No further licenses is required.

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Change Control Log

Manage changes in the project with a change control portal, allowing your contractors and consultants to collaborate and clients to sign off on changes.

Secure Document Vault

Share large amounts of data with your project team including O+M manuals, drawings, photos etc. to ensure that everyone can self serve and work off the same page.

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Two cartoon people using unlimited secure cloud storage

Unlimited Secure Cloud Sharing

ESTA has unlimited storage capacity you can share securely with anyone you choose. 

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