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Construction Portfolio Management Software

Construction builds a foundation, not only for buildings but in society. Creating effective environments for people to come together is of the utmost importance and this begins at management level. In order to mitigate risks effectively whilst staying within time and financial allowances, comprehensive construction project management software is essential. Our vision at Frame Solutions is to provide construction project managers with software that allows you to work faster and more reliably whilst managing multiple projects using smart tech.

Streamline your projects with ESTA, the Chartered Professionals Choice Of Construction Management Software

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ESTA is a construction project management software for surveyors, project managers and contract administrators. ESTA ensures you have full control over all aspects of your company at project, portfolio and collaboration levels.

What does this mean for Construction Professionals?

Project Features:

ESTA applies smart technology to break down key aspects of your project. You input the data just once and it is distributed efficiently, reducing the need to waste your time copying information over and allowing you to focus on higher-value tasks such as fee earning activities. 


Our single view construction project management system then links all the data together in one centralised place in the cloud, available for selected collaborators to see. 


Construction projects are often chaos, with countless actions, dates and risks to keep track of. ESTA’s intelligent GANTT charts allow management to programme jobs, set notifications for key dates and create charts in one click. Used alongside the risk reduction and contract administration tools nothing will ever get missed, increasing productivity and client satisfaction.

Portfolio Features:

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ESTA enables you to report to clients instantly, without needing to compile information, as all your data has been amalgamated in real-time. Dashboard views allow managers to see budget control, programme location and more. Manage your supply chain and view who is appointed across all projects quickly and easily. 

Our cloud-based construction project management software gives you access to all your information within three clicks. This, along with all the portfolio features in our construction management software, allows your time to be spent on more important aspects, improving your business reputation as clients see your efficiency & digital offering.

Collaboration Tools:

ESTA has a common data environment, used for collaboration within your team. Our cloud-based construction project management software ensures no document is ever lost, and every team member has access to the information they need. 


Changes can be managed easily with the change control log, which allows selected project team members to contribute  and sign off on changes. ESTA also offers a secure document vault and unlimited cloud-based sharing. These aspects of our construction project management software help to eliminate and reduce the time you spend chasing administrative tasks, to allow you to focus on what matters.

Construction Professionals

Build A Business With A Reputation For Efficiency!

All the features within ESTA provide you with the tools to run a streamlined business. Work safer, smarter and faster with our construction management software. Gone are the days when communication amongst contractors, consultants & clients was slow and disjointed. Using ESTA increases margins due to automation & allows you to win more work by showing your clients your digital offering.


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