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Digital business intelligence for surveyors, project managers and construction professionals

Collaborative data storage and analytics is a key strategic business advantage bringing

Collaborative data storage

more efficiency, with fewer risks and lower costs. The pandemic caused a large scale shift in work models from traditional office based working to remote working.

Technology and software models are now needed to cope with both these unexpected challenges and to keep pace with digitalised business intelligence.

The cost of poor data management

The creation of vast amounts of data and fragmented storage for each and every project can lead to, at best, time consuming to and fro emails and phone calls, missed deadlines, overruns, errors, loss of data, poor audit trails, poor relationships and at worst, even legal action.

How intelligent data management offers huge business benefits

Using ESTA this is a thing of the past. ESTA operates using a collaborative data environment for key elements in the project allowing certain selected project participants of your choosing to share, collaborate within and review real time information. This means quick and accurate tracking saving time and money.

Benefits of using ESTA include:

A. All project management data is stored in one secure place
  • Giving an instant and accurate real time overview of project status, project costs and contract certification status on a project and portfolio level.

  • Enabling all project participants to be working from real time, up to date information

  • Cloud based system that can be accessed any time, anywhere with offline capability.

B. Flexibility
  • Unlike other systems, ESTA gives you complete flexibility with the ability to link it to other software if required.

C. Accountability
  • Accountability can be clearly defined so that all parties know who is responsible for what and by when.

  • True transparency with no misunderstanding.

D. Cost saving
  • Saving time means saving money with more efficiency

E. Live data management

  • Reporting live data means no more outdated reports that can take days to compile. The data is consistently up to date.

If you want to know more information click here:

Use this link for a demonstration of how ESTA can help intelligent data management bring business advantage to your organisation.


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