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The Best Project Management Software For Surveyors

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Surveyors play a key part in the construction industry. They cover a wide array of disciplines. Different surveying disciplines have various cross-overs when giving advice on procurement, contract selection, contract administration and more. Essentially, surveyors give client advice on multiple elements that make up projects and why they often require the help of project management software.

What Challenges Do Surveyors Face & How Can ESTA Help?

The workload of surveyors can vary hugely, but there are some core challenges that present themselves on each job. There are often supply chain management issues alongside several members of staff working on one project. A common difficulty surveyors may have, is each employee having the updated and accurate data needed to carry out their responsibilities. Our project management software, ESTA, offers collaboration tools and unlimited cloud-based storage which allows all information to be shared instantly with those that need it. This eliminates the issue of staff not being kept informed and increases the speed of service to clients.

Another primary challenge that surveyors face is fast turnaround times with the need for high accuracy. Our project management software aims to save time for surveyors as it reduces the hours spent on organisational tasks. By saving time, companies can generate higher profits due to freeing up surveyors’ schedules for more projects. Additionally, due to the nature of a surveyor's tasks, they have little to no room to make errors; doing so could jeopardise protecting the business against PI claims and reputational damage. Our project management software also aims to help users make fewer mistakes, as ESTA helps surveyors make 40% fewer mistakes and increases their productivity.

What Makes A Successful Project Management Software?

Our project management software for surveyors, ESTA, is the best software to use for surveyors who are looking to streamline their operations because of our excellent project programming. The components listed below combine to make an easy-to-use, simple and effective project management software.

Project Level:

Our smart technology begins by identifying each level of your project after data input. Our software then stores all your data in one centralised place for project collaborators to view, maximising the earning potential.

Surveyors are required to be excellent timekeepers and operate on a tight schedule. ESTA’s 11 tools, which are all interconnected, send push notifications & leverage data automatically will increase efficiency and earning potential, helping surveyors maintain an excellent reputation for their business.

Portfolio Level:

ESTA allows for full visibility across your entire organisation, which allows surveyors to report to clients without wasting employees’ time compiling this information manually through fragmented word and excel documents, as all information is available via our dashboard views for optimum document management. Our project management software’s simplistic mechanisms ensure all data can be accessed within 3 clicks.

Collaboration Tools:

ESTA’s common data environment allows users to collaborate on projects, this streamlines surveyors’ processes as it allows all project contributors to sign off changes in one place. Therefore, reducing the need for slower communication to occur across the team. Our unlimited cloud-based storage also eliminates the risk of any lost materials, reducing stress when working on multiple projects.

So, How Can Our Project Management Software Help Surveyors?

ESTA allows surveyors to maximise their earning potential without the need to add extra members to their team. It’s important to remember that each surveyor is unique. The varied nature of the profession makes it imperative to have a standardised procedure, ensuring surveyors have a set of repeatable processes that minimises errors and increases service quality. By offering smart technology and full integration of data, surveyors have complete control over each project.

Try Out The Perfect Project Management Software For Chartered Surveyors Today!

When surveyors begin using ESTA, companies have the potential to create 38% more profit margin. In addition to this, 82% of users stated they saved 4+ hours of billable time every week. Challenge the status quo and work faster, easier and more reliably with our project management software for surveyors. Once using ESTA, your clientele will be impressed with the efficiency of your services.

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