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Revolutionising Management Systems:

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Chartered Surveyors Embrace Digital Tools for Project Management to Streamline Workflows and Save Time

At Frame Solutions, we understand the complexities of managing multiple projects and the need for a streamlined system that saves time and increases efficiency. The traditional management system often involves manual tracking of project progress, communication gaps, and potential errors. However, with the advancement of technology, we have revolutionised our management system by embracing digital tools for project management.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using digital tools for project management and how it has transformed our workflows to increase productivity and deliver better results.

Increased Productivity with Digital Project Management Software

Using digital tools for project management can streamline workflows and increase productivity. These tools offer a centralised platform where we can manage all our projects, tasks, deadlines, and communications in one place. This eliminates the need for manual tracking of project progress, reduces the risk of miscommunication and errors, and ensures all team members are on the same page.

Moreover, these digital tools offer features like automated task assignments, progress tracking, and reminders. This can be from contractual timelines, programme dates, or meeting actions which saves time and ensures the timely delivery of projects. The ability to customise these tools to our specific needs has helped us in creating a personalised project management system that enhances our productivity and efficiency.

Real-time Collaboration with Stakeholders

In the traditional project management system, the communication between stakeholders was often time-consuming with multiple document revisions and prone to misinterpretation, leading to delays and errors. However, with digital project management tools, we can collaborate in real time with all the stakeholders, including clients, contractors, and team members.

These tools provide a platform for secure communication, document sharing, and real-time updates. Moreover, the ability to receive feedback and resolve issues in real time enables us to make informed decisions and deliver quality results in a timely manner.

Enhanced Data Management and Analysis

Digital project management software provides an efficient way to manage project data and analyse it to improve our workflows. These tools offer customisable dashboard views that visually represents project progress, including task completion, timelines, and costs.

The ability to generate reports and analyse data in real time allows us to identify areas of improvement, make informed decisions, and optimise our workflows for maximum efficiency. Moreover, the historical data provided by these tools helps us in making accurate project forecasts, avoiding potential risks, and delivering successful projects.

Cost and Time Saving

Implementing a digital project management system can help in saving costs and time. Manual project management requires significant administrative work, including tracking project progress, generating reports, and communicating with stakeholders. However, digital project management tools automate many of these tasks, saving time and reducing the need for administrative work.

Moreover, the real-time collaboration and data analysis features can help us make informed decisions, avoid potential risks, and reduce the need for rework. This has resulted in cost savings and efficient delivery of projects.


The digital project management tools have revolutionised our management system, enhancing our productivity, reducing the risk of miscommunication and errors, fostering real-time collaboration, and providing efficient data management and analysis. The ability to customise these tools to our specific needs has helped us in creating a personalised project management system that streamlines our workflows and delivers successful projects.

At Frame Solutions, we understand the importance of delivering quality results in a timely manner, and implementing digital project management tools can help you achieve this goal. The benefits of using digital tools for project management are undeniable, and we encourage all our peers in the industry to embrace this technology to streamline their workflows and deliver successful projects.

If you have any questions about our ESTA tool or would like to book a demo, don't hesitate to contact us.

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