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How can a project management solution help with construction supply chain management?

Construction supply chain management requires managing the relationships between various parties within the supply chain—including main contractors, sub-contractors, consultants, sub-consultants, owners/clients, and more.

Considering the above, construction supply chain management is a, if not the most crucial factor, when developing a well-constructed building in an organised and efficient state.

The demand for new buildings and retrofitting the existing stock has never been higher with increased workloads; construction projects would benefit from a project management solution. It provides a clear line of communication and direction of who in the supply chain is the best for the project and why.

How can your supply chain management team benefit from a project management solution?

Our project management solution, ESTA, has been developed with forward-thinking technology that gives you a 360 view of all your projects and provides real-time data to show you where every stage of your work is. It works to integrate control and coordination across the entire project, so you don't have to.

The supply chain can quickly become complex, with issues arising due to complications outside your control or other problems that might halt a project. Using a project management solution can promptly and efficiently resolve these occurrences.

We have specifically designed our project management software to work as an assistant to construction professionals, surveyors, architects and contract administrators. As it collates all data from every aspect of a project, as a construction supply management team, you will always have an organised upper hand. You'll be able to clearly understand how your supply chain is working and reap the benefit of positive suggestions provided by the software. it also has the ability to:

  • Have a central hub where your supply chain is kept

  • Point out good practices to follow and allows areas for potential improvement

  • Supports decision-making in selecting the right people from your supply chain

  • Tracks any impacts developed from decisions made

  • Identifies working processes that could benefit future stages and projects.

Our project management software supports all construction supply chain management processes by optimising the data and statistics for the following categories of every project.

  • Supply chain management

  • Core project management

  • Programme management

  • Contract administration

  • Cost tracking and reporting

  • Project team management

  • Change control management

  • Risk management

  • Cloud storage file management

  • Notification control centre

  • Resource visibility

  • Embedded document signing

  • Embedded messenger

  • Auditing traceability

  • Permission-based CDEs & portals

  • QA system

As our software applies all of these features to your projects, it uses a valuable and organisational method that provides you with data-driven knowledge to support your construction supply chain management.

Working to deliver all of your projects to their best standard, our project management software (ESTA) is the perfect solution for contract administrators, surveyors and project managers. If you have any questions about using data to improve your supply chain management or want to request a demo of ESTA, our project specialists are available for contact.

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