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Can a project management solution promote better change control?

Updated: May 18, 2023

Changes are almost inevitable during construction projects of any size. We provide cutting-edge technology software that fits seamlessly into your business. It is our way of assisting consultancies to carry out the change process effectively at both pre and post-contract stages, resulting in the best outcome for all parties. Manage your projects with our change management software which uses smart technology to give a common data environment to -

  • Add and apply reasoning for the change

  • Assess impact in regards to time and cost

  • Attach appropriate documentation and the like

  • Review and accept or reject the change

  • Take forward to instruct under the correct contract mechanism

  • Have a clear audit trail

Our smart technology helps you stay organised, reduce mistakes and connect that data to other elements within the project to give a holistic view.

But why use our software? Our software is the perfect example of a project management solution that can promote positive change control procedures.

In this blog, we will define how our software helps successful project management strategies, what change control is, how a project management solution can promote a robust change control procedure and how users can report this information to clients live not only on projects and also across a client's whole portfolio.

How Does Our Software Assist In Successful Project Management

We have designed project management software to assist construction professionals, contract administrators, surveyors, and architects throughout their projects. This software collates all the data from your projects and uses various features to help you in a successful process.

  • Core project management

  • Programme management

  • Contract administration

  • Cost tracking and reporting

  • Supply chain management

  • Project team management

  • Change control management

  • Risk management

  • Cloud storage file management

  • Notification control centre

  • Resource visibility

  • Embedded document signing

  • Embedded messenger

  • Auditing traceability

  • Permission-based CDEs & portals

  • QA system

These features are applied to your projects to use an organisation and valuable methods and provide data-driven knowledge and experience that will support the project's objectives from start to finish.

What Is Change Control

At stages in the design process, a package of information will be given to the client to approve. Once approved, a change control procedure will be created to make sure that the approved information is not altered without the express permission of the client.

Change control can be defined as a process that makes sure possible changes to the agreed deliverables of a project are recorded, evaluated, authorised and managed. These requests will be evaluated by:

  • Client evaluation of whether the impact of the change is acceptable and whether the change provides value for money.

  • Client instructions to the consultant team.

  • Contract administrator instructions to the contractor with input from the consultant team.

Then approved, rejected or deferred based on their decision.

When making changes to a project, there is the risk of impacting; time, cost and quality. The later the changes are made during the construction process, the higher the impacts may be, which could ultimately cause a butterfly effect on the whole project.

Change control procedures can be introduced at several stages. These include:

  • Once the project brief has been frozen at the end of the concept design stage

  • During the tender stage if the documentation has been finalised and prepared.

  • During the detailed design stage, once they are all finalised.

  • When the contractor has been appointed, any changes may be deemed as variations.

Although these are common stages for evaluation, a robust system should be implemented as early as possible in the project.

Change control in project management

Using our project management software to organise your upcoming projects will better structure the overall outcome of the said project.

It is common for the consultants to have to report on the estimated cost of changes and for the client to prioritise which changes are acceptable. The client may decide to fund additional costs from a design contingency. ESTA leverages all the data associated with open, approved, denied & instructed changes, dramatically reducing the reporting time and being able to give clients this information live across single projects but also across their whole portfolio.

Using our project management software can promote excellent change control procedures by having the ability to outline problems or changes that may occur in a common data environment. So, Yes, a project management solution can promote a good change control methodology due to the effectiveness the software has on the project.

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