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Project Management Software

ESTA, the Project Management Software for Surveyors, Project Managers, and Contract Administrators.


ESTA is a dedicated project portfolio management solution for various contract types. ESTA was created for the need to manage administrative requirements; our software was built and developed by experts in the industry— the Chartered professional's choice.

Why choose ESTA as your project management software?


With ESTA as your portfolio management software, you will have complete control of your projects all in one place. 

This forward-thinking technology gives you a 360 view of all your projects and real-time data to show you which stages your work is. With a  platform that offers full integration, you can be sure that your portfolios are fully protected and backed up so that no job is ever lost. 

With all this and more at your fingertips, why would you ever work with siloed documents again? 


Have complete control of project portfolio management using ESTA's innovative technology.

Training & support

ESTA is easy to learn and use. Training with 24-hour support is standard.


Secure data & file storage

Unlimited storage is kept safe in a secure cloud in our familiar data environment.

360 Visibility

Have complete visibility of your portfolio with no extra steps required - real-time data at your fingertips.


Customise your documents to your branding and have the flexibility to create what you want.

Unlimited collaborators

Add who you need on the project without the need to add additional licenses.


Full integration with other software makes your tech stack even stronger.

Offline capability

Access your information in 3 clicks anywhere, anytime with ESTA's offline capability, true freedom.

Accurate information

Everyone has access to the latest live information in one location in a format that everyone can understand.

ESTA Capabilities

ESTA's Capabilities

Cartoon person standing next to project dashboard

Project Level

Each project element is identified, and intelligent technology is applied. Have ESTA notify you of critical components in your project and link your data, enabling you to work as efficiently as possible.

Cartoon person pointing at construction portfolio

Portfolio Level

Revolutionise your data storage and have complete real-time visibility of all your projects. Filter and instantly obtain the information you need without spending resources on finding it -  the ultimate project portfolio management.

Cartoon person pointing at gears which include project colaborators

Collaborative tools

Use ESTA's specialised frictionless collaborative tools to work with your contractors, consultants & clients. ESTA makes collaboration extremely easy.

What this means for you 


It's all well and good knowing the capabilities and benefits of this innovative portfolio management software, but what does this mean to you, and how can it help your business function more efficiently? 


The key aspects of ESTA are that it will save you time and money whilst improving the quality of your project management.

What ths means for you


4+ hours

Time saved

82% of Project Managers said they saved 4+ hours each week of billable time.



More margin 

Users saw larger margins without the need to increase headcount as Project Managers could handle more projects efficiently. 



Fewer mistakes 

Users said they made 40% fewer mistakes. Esta protects you against damage to your reputation and PI claims.

*As an industry standard 

Cartoon person standing next to a dashboard

We are an RICS Tech Partner 


Frame Solutions has been selected by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) as a part of the UK-based professional bodies Tech Partner Programme. RICS is a global professional network that collaborates and brings leading insights and solutions to industry professionals through solutions such as project management software. 


With no industry being untouched by the significant technological advances, data and technology are increasing rapidly in the surveying profession. 


We hold ourselves to the highest level of integrity and follow the RICS code of conduct.

RICS Tech Partner

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Modus Constrcution Consultants
Vritus Consult
AG Built Enviroment Consultancy
Fourth Wall Building Consultants
Thomas and Thomas Surveyors
Anstey Horne
Levy Real Estate
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